Dental Implants with Dentures

When people have missing teeth, they often question whether to restore them with complete dental implants or non-implanted dentures. There are pros and cons with each option, and dentures are usually the more affordable alternative.

For that reason, upper and lower dentures, or partial dentures, are generally the solution patients settle on. However, many people find they are very unhappy with their dentures for several reasons. Lower dentures never really feel like natural teeth; they fit loosely on the gums due to gum tissue shrinking; dentures can cause irritation to the mouth and hurtful sores; and, finally, dentures can be very painful. Ill-fitting lower dentures might also restrict your ability to eat or speak as well as you did when you had natural teeth. The only way to combat these annoyances is with messy dental adhesive.

Upper dentures are a bit easier to wear because of the suction in the upper palate (also known as the roof of your mouth), which helps keep the denture in place. However, when your dentures cover your upper palate, the device blocks your taste receptors and reduces the taste of the food you are eating. Chewing and speaking continuously can induce additional pain and sores to the upper portion of your mouth as well. And, much like with lower dentures, your upper gum tissue will shrink. Most people with upper dentures solve this problem by using dental adhesives as well.

With dental implants, suffering from uncomfortable and ill-fitting restorations can be eliminated. Dental implants are a permanent dental replacement option that is natural-looking and extremely functional. As our life spans continue to increase, it is important to utilize a highly functional dental replacement system. Dental implants look and feel much better; while offering you the ability to eat and speak as you used to.

Dental implants are titanium posts, placed into the jawbone where the teeth are missing. These implants will help preserve facial structure and prevent possible bone deterioration. Replacement teeth are then designed to fit over the implant and will provide you with the ability to not only look and feel great but to function as you once naturally did.

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Teeth in a Day / All on Four

The days of waiting months to replace your teeth are over. With this new, innovative option – Teeth in a Day™ – you can now transition easily from complete edentulism to fixed, non-removable teeth mounted on implants all in one day! The procedure is a simple process beginning with a consultation and CT scan. A prosthesis is fabricated and the implants are surgically installed – All on Four™ – and the fixed teeth are placed. A checkup is scheduled two weeks later and a final bridge is made several months after.

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