Snap-On Dentures / Snap-In Dentures

The Most Affordable Implant Supported Option Available





Snap-in removable dentures or Overdentures are an excellent alternative for those who are tired of regular dentures, but don't have the funds to pay for an All-on-Four or All-on-6 permanent fixed denture.

You can experience even greater savings when you choose mini implants (aka MDI's) instead of traditional implants.

Save Up to 70%

Improve Your Speech

Increase Chewing Power

Maintain Impeccable Hygiene

Enjoy Greater Comfort

$ave By Converting Your Current Dentures

Eliminate Denture Adjustments

Say Goodbye to Falling Out Teeth

Ditch Denture Adhesive Forever

Enjoy A World of Difference in Security!

affordable denture options

Choose Your Preferred Number of Implants

Choose the number of mini-implants you would like to have secure your denture; two, four, six or eight?  The more mini-implants you have the less bone loss you will lose, and the more like real teeth your bite will feel.

Snap2: Snap-On 2 Dentures

removable snap-on full implant denture installation
dental bridge supported by mini dental implants

Snap4: Snap-On 4 Dentures

implant-supported dentures
dental implant placement into lower jaw

Snap6: Snap-On 6 Dentures

dental bridge supported by mini dental implants

Snap8: Snap-On 8 Dentures

upper jaw with incisor dental implant placement

Worried About How Expensive Snap Ons Will Be?

Three ThingsYou Can Do To Reduce & Spread Costs

1. Upgrade Your Removable Dentures to Snap-In Dentures

You may be able to start savings costs immediately by converting your dentures into implant retained snap-on dentures by adding two or more minimally invasive mini-implants.

2. Spread The Cost of Your Dental Implants

If you can only afford two for now, but want more? You can add additional mini implants at a later date. Each additional implant will help prevent bone loss and make your dentures feel more like natural teeth, while in the process giving you the ability to trim the size of the dentures down as you replace support through the bulk of the denture with the strength of implants. Thereby making the dentures feel less bulky in your mouth.

This means you can enjoy an improving, increasingly stronger and more fixed pair of teeth... without having to pay out one large lump sum upfront.

3. Apply for Financing

There are financing options as well. For example, you could use a low-interest, rolling line of credit for each stage of your work.

Let's figure out together how to improve your quality of life today, rather than next year, or years down the road.  Nobody says they wish they had waited.

Mini Dental Implants

Mini dental implants, also known as MDI implants, are less expensive than traditional implants. The surgical process is much simpler and less costly. It entails no sedation, less pain and a much faster healing time.  While you won't have the biting experience of an All on 4 or All on 6 permanent option, you will pay far less, and can enjoy the benefits of implant supported removable dentures much sooner.

Don't want to spend tens of thousands, but want a professional, solid and natural looking set of teeth? Want greater confidence while eating and talking? These may be the perfect fit for you.

Minimally Invasive

Only Local Anesthesia Necessary

Recover Easily with Just Ibuprofen

dental implant/ tooth implant
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